Thursday, November 11, 2010

Things that made me smile today:

Seeing hubs snuggled up on the couch
with our little girl
Seeing little girl finally smile again
(she's pretty sick)

Realizing just how happy
a Gatorade
and a box of Mike and Ikes
can make my son.

Watching how much said boy
likes any song with a strong bass beat.
He's gonna be a drummer
or a bass player
or both.

When Dylan said,
"Do old people die sometimes?"
and I responded,
"Yes, like Clark died recently"
and he said,
"Yeah, and President Lincoln died"

Having Kylie and Doug
play tug-o-war,
with me.
He had my arms and torso,
she had a foot and an ankle.

Noticing that the flowers
Doug bought me
a week an a half ago
are still looking quite pretty.

Finding a good deal
on good shoes
that I really needed.

Feeling my baby kick
and remembering I am,
in fact,
Not just fat and miserable.

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