Monday, January 10, 2011

Changes and support

Doug left his job early last week. It was a shock and it wasn't. Part of me had been preparing for the possibility, and part of me just couldn't have been prepared.

We should be OK for a while, having some time to figure out, step by step, where to go from here. Why he left and how we got to this point is a whole other blog post (or perhaps a whole other blog), but it looks like there are some interesting possibilities out there and, though it might require some sacrifice in the mean time, we're both feeling pretty optimistic.

The only truly unsettling part to me was how people might react to this change--we'd gotten so used to our lives being so intertwined in so many ways with so many of the people we know, that we both knew that this wasn't just your normal leaving-a-job-situation in a lot of ways. But once again, our friends have proved that they are worth their weight in gold. They've reached out and showed nothing but understanding, support and optimism for our future. It is a real blessing in life to know that there are lots of people who love you for you, in spite of whatever flaws you may have, and who want always for you and your family to be happy and successful. I have felt no loneliness or judgment in this change, and for that I am extremely grateful.

So wish us luck. It looks like Doug may get his master's degree finally completed (and it will be nice to have the paper in hand, since he spent a lot of time and money on that education), and will be able to do so in a simpler and cheaper manner than we had expected. There are lots of logistics to be figured out, and new employment to find, but I'm feeling good. I'm the type that would be inclined to panic at times like this, and I haven't. I feel at peace. Nothing has really gone according to plan since we got married, and yet things have worked out pretty well to this point. I've gotten much better at just accepting living life one step at a time, not knowing for sure where we're headed. I'm excited to see what comes next.


Becky said...

i was wondering when this was coming. but there aren't two people more prepared to handle the transition than the two of you. let us know the details as they arise and you'll be in my prayers as you guys seek out inspiration. let us know what we can do...

...Laura... said...

Wow- big changes ahead for you guys! I'm excited to see where you go from here. Good luck with everything. :)

Christa said...

what a surprise to read something so important on your blog and not hear from someone in the family first. weird. maybe mom thought it wasn't her place to mention? sounds like a mom thing (my mom, anyway :) well, good luck! i'm sorry ya'll are in a similar boat to us (though not, in a lot of good ways), but i'm sure that whatever comes next will be even better.

p.s. don't read anything into my first sentence; i'm not offended or feeling left out, just surprised something so big didn't come up sooner from someone. hope all is well.

Christa said...

what a surprise to read something so important on your blog and not hear from someone in the family first. weird.

...and I did just totally copy and paste her comment. And I'm not offended either I just thought it was weird and sort of cool that that same comment worked for me and I have the same name and all... :)

Good luck with whatever you guys decided to do next. There are a lot of exciting possibilities. I'm sure you'll end up in a good place.

Christa said...

soo, funny story. i went to the comments to see what someone else had said. . .and got really confused because it said my name and the same thing twice in a row. i had to do a double take to realize i didn't actually hit the "post" button twice when i sent my comment. lol