Sunday, February 13, 2011


This cute little boy wrapped in my sarong and the clear memory of how gorgeous it was in Hanauma Bay that day (how I miss warm ocean and fresh pineapple and the scent of plumerias everywhere. . . ) almost makes me want to go live in Hawaii again. Almost. Then I remember how very far away it is when you want to visit a grandparent or somebody gets sick or you're too broke for plane tickets. Then I remember that, as much fun as it was living there single or childless, now that I'm a mom and a grown up, I much prefer being a closer part of the lives of the people I'm bound to. Even if California is still dreadfully far away from this little boy (who ain't so little anymore--he's 10 now!) and the rest of his family and cousins. In my dream world, both families are just a few hours apart so I can be a big part of both of them. For now, we work with the distance as best we can and I relish the opportunity to read my sister's blog and see my brother's photos on Facebook and chat with my mom on the phone. If I have to be almost 1500 miles from them, I'm glad I live in the digital age.

It also almost makes me wish my hair was that length again. Almost. Maybe once I'm past the "baby stage" in life. But I think its getting lopped off again this summer--as soon as baby is big enough to start getting her fingers twirled up in it.

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