Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Not Exactly Mozart

So on the way to pick up Dylan from school this afternoon, I hear Kylie start singing from the back seat:

"Poopie in the potty
Poopie in my pants
Sit in the corner
Poo-pee, poo-pee, poo-pee
poo-pee, poo-pee, poo-pee
Pee in the toilet,
pee in the toilet
not in the corner
poo-pee, poo-pee, poo-pee
ttthhhhheeeee eeeeennnnnnndd!"

She then muttered, barely audibly, to herself, "I poop in the toilet so I don't sit in the corner."

Then she piped up a bit louder and said, "Mommy, do you like my poopee song? I made it up."

This is sort of par for the course with this one. Until school started, I think I forgot that she was only 2. She plays so well with the five and seven year olds, and mostly keeps up with them, so I forgot how remarkable her language skills were until the older two were gone all day, and all the sudden there's this tiny little person speaking to me in complete, correct paragraphs with $3 words. She's kind of hilarious.

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