Thursday, March 8, 2012

Baseball Weather?

We've been getting sunshine and 40 and 50 degree weather this week.  Maybe spring will come early.  The tulips are just starting to poke above the soil--maybe they'll make it in time for Easter this year.
Gwen brought baseball stuff with her yesterday, so Nana and Kylie practiced hitting off the tee,
and playing catch with her.
Not bad for a couple of three-year-olds
(OK, so Nana's still a month shy of the "3" mark, but she's getting close)
 Keira is a very, very confident barefoot walker, but she's still getting used to shoes.
She didn't venture very far in her Crocs.
But she was quite pleased to be outside AND on the ground.

 Kylie tosses "Uncle Gwen" the ball.  She's got a pretty good arm.

 In addition to throwing, Nana practiced fielding some grounders.
She's aggressive.  And who wouldn't be intimidated by those purple jeggings?

They were both masterful at hitting the tee.

The older kids got in on the action
after they got home from school.
But by then I was acting as pitcher--
so no free hand for the camera.

But Dylan got a little piece of a couple of pitches
and Keilana got real hits on the first half-dozen I lobbed to her.
Pretty good for first timers.
Time to sign up for baseball, now that wrestling's over.

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