Saturday, September 22, 2012

Busy days. . .

Of the last five days, I've been sick three of them and Doug's had late meetings three nights, and the one night I wasn't sick I took all the kids to a birthday party.

But the kids had real dinners every night except for once, when sandwiches sufficed.  The house is clean, the dishes are done, my talk for Sacrament Meeting tomorrow is written, I got the grocery shopping done and last night we got our family night treat made and watched a movie together.  This morning Doug's off at a ward service project (I followed the stomach bug with a head cold, so with the chipped tooth I sort of come off like a slow, mouth-breathing hick;  that and the kids makes me sort of worthless at chopping and stacking wood and painting and repairing fencing).  So I'm calling the week a success, even though it didn't feel that way at times.

This coming week, we have an Activity Girls day for Keilana (during which one of Dylan's friends and one of Kylie's friends will be hanging out at our house), two late meetings plus one evening excursion for Doug, a trip to Hearst Library to get the kids and I library cards (we really need some fresh books around here!), getting our doggie spayed, and then probably heading to Deer Lodge on Saturday for Clark Fork River days, before I drop every one else at home and drive to Butte for the General Relief Society Broadcast.

Life is full.  Now if I could just get some furniture to fill up the house, I'd be all set.

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