Saturday, July 27, 2013

A good man's not so hard to find. . .

This is my favorite picture of little Zayda's first day at home: surrounded by her brothers and her three male cousins who live next door.  She'll be well loved and protected.

During the last month, between our trip to Utah and our trip back to Mission, we've been able to spend time with nearly all of my brothers and brothers-in-law.  Watching them all interact with my daughters, and their own daughters and wives, gives my tremendous hope for my girls' future.  My girls are all still so little, but some day (all too soon) they'll start interacting with more boys who aren't family, and between their dad and their uncles, the standards for how a man will be expected to treat them have been set very high.  These girls know a lot of very good men who treat them, and their mother and aunts and grandmas, with respect, affection, and loyalty.  Any young man who wants their affection will likely have to aim high.

I'm grateful for that.

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