Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Finally getting to Christmas

It would be impossible to overstate
how much these two delight me.
Playful, sweet, just enough sass
to keep things fun.
I had my last final (my final final?)
early this morning.
Kylie had her last day of school
(this was on the way to her "concert"--
3,4, and 5-year-olds
dressed up and singing Christmas songs.
I picked the older two up early
to get some treat supplies
and make yummies with me
while watching Christmas movies.
We don't have a lot of treat plates 
to deliver this year,
but we're gonna enjoy a baking-and-movie afternoon,
and then we're gonna have more concerts
and make deliveries tomorrow.
Maybe look for Christmas lights
on the way home.

Then present wrapping, 
still more sewing
(here's hoping I finish everything on time)
and then head to grandma's
for Christmas Eve with the cousins.
Its starting to feel a little magical.

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