Monday, June 16, 2008

We Made It!

I can't tell you how glad I am we're here!! Montana in mid to late June is so beautiful. We got up yesterday at 4:30 in the morning and drove down to Bakersfield to catch our flight. Bakersfield is a small airport, and there really weren't many people there, so we waited to go through security as long as we could, hanging out with Doug and wishing him a happy father's day, that would be spent primarily without us.

Dylan slept for about 20 minutes on the way to the airport, and then was, of course, awake for the entirety of the flight. He really liked the plane, but very much resented being seat belted in, so he would cry and pitch a fit for a few minutes when landing and taking off. It wouldn't last long (he figured out early in life that fits do not get him what he wants with me) before he would resort to hunching over in his seat and glaring at me with his big, fat bottom lip stuck out. The rest of the flight (about 3 hours in the air, with a 20 minute stop on the ground in Sacramento) went pretty smoothly. We were toward the back of the plane and a lot of seats behind us were empty, so I just kinda let the kids explore from seat to seat and they were pretty happy and relatively quiet about it. Every now and then Dylan would wander all the way up to the front and chat with the flight attendant (who was awesome) for a few minutes, mostly because he figured out that was a good way to get himself more cookies. When we were landing in Spokane, Dylan got mad again, and this time the real cause showed. Instead of slumping down in his seat with a pouty face, he leaned over and put his head in my lap and went to sleep. During the last five minutes of the flight.

After we got our suitcases, Keilana was VERY excited to see Yaya. She spotted her and, in her typical Keilana way, screeched, "Yaya!!" and went running for her. We stopped at the new Cabela's just outside of Cour d'Alene to take a peak. The kids really liked the stuffed bears, yak, mountain goats, etc., but not as much as they loved the fish tank. Keilana thought that that big Rainbow trout were "lovely" and "spectacular".

After a nutritious lunch at McDonald's discussing possible future plans to attend "Kung Fu Panda", we headed home. Flying into Spokane is about as far as flying into LAX is for us in California, but boy is the drive from Spokane to Mission a WHOLE LOT prettier than the drive from Lindsay to LAX. At one point Dylan got really grumpy again, mostly because he was tired and had been contained all day, but once we pointed out the Flathead River, he was pretty happy, just pointing and saying, "Wawa" over and over again. And Keilana was impressed with the first good shot of the Missions when we were coming down Hwy 200. Though, she was a little upset that she couldn't see Yaya's house as soon as she saw the mountains.

Last night there was a Father's Day BBQ at Mom and Dad's and everyone was there. Dev is an EXCELLENT barbecuer (best grilled food I've had in a LONG time and everyone was there with all of their rugrats. I love the fact that with all those cousins around, I don't ever have to entertain my kids:) We stayed at Gwen's house last night so I could watch her kids while she teaches up at Fire Control this week, and Keilana and Dylan have both loved it. Dylan's used to being the littler one, so he's rather been enjoying having Paisley around and Keilana and Maysa have been playing dress up and putting make up on each other all morning. Its shaping up to be a pretty good week.

I miss my husband, but all in all, its good to be home!


Callie said...

I'm glad you made it there safely. We fly out tomorrow and I have to admit I am a little nervous about flying with Kaden for the first time. It isn't really the flying part that is making me is the getting from point A to point B with baby and luggage in tote. I could be interesting. I didn't sprain my ankle, but I did manage to pull something in my back. Oh the joys! :) See you in MT soon!

...Laura... said...

Don't you just love when they fall asleep with 5 min. left in the flight?

CONGRATS!!! You're prego! Dude- you were supposed to tell me you buttmunch! :) :) You beat me to it. Guess we won't be fat at the same time again :(