Saturday, May 16, 2009


My prayer tonight for sleep. . . for myself, with no husband (and 3 kids who all seemed fine this afternoon, now presenting with 3 fevers, one cough, one runny nose, one case of diarrhea and one bad attitude). . .for sick babies, who are restless after a long week. . .for bb (may you find some peace and comfort during this stress and uncertainty). . .for Paul and Christa (may you trust that God will provide and not get discouraged). . . for Mom (may Claire sleep well for you). . .for all others awake at late hours, walking babies, nursing wounds, searching thoughts. . . .may you find enough peace of mind to rest your wearied bodies and hearts.  Many of our fears, frustrations, doubts and insecurities are born of fatigue.  Rest tonight, and know that you are loved and watched over.

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Callie said...

Let's add "single" mommies with teething babes to the list! :) I'm convinced Kaden is never going to get the rest of his teeth, but is going to be in the constant state of crankiness! Oh yes, us parents have all the fun! I hope you rest well!