Tuesday, December 28, 2010


These two have been married for 37 years:
A happy childhood can make you take a lot of things for granted.
Like growing up in a home with a solid marriage.
I was an adult before I really understood
how much stability and comfort that gives to childhood.
I'm glad they found each other.
I'm glad I was sent to the family they created.
I'm glad that they had all those other kids who came before me.
Because it turns out that their genes and parenting combined
produced some pretty cool people.
And I'm grateful for all of them.
I wish I was closer.
But I'm grateful that I feel loved and missed.
I'm grateful that I miss them so much.
I'm grateful to have so many people in my life worth missing.
(And, on a side note: check out my mom's cheeks!
My babes and I come by them honestly:-)
I'm just glad that, so far,
none of them have Dad's ears).

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