Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Now what?

We're doing OK. Disappointed because the job we wanted, the one that would've been almost perfect, didn't come through. But doing OK.

Tired, though. This year has been a doozy. A doozy that followed four whoppers. We're very quickly running out of time (read: money) and still have no idea where to find our footing. That can be very exhausting. Add to that that I almost always go to bed way later than I should, wake up frequently at night, and now I have some kind of nasty bug or something that is completely and utterly zapping my energy and making my whole body hurt. Especially my throat.

A couple of weeks ago, my dad posted the following in response to one of Doug's posts on Facebook:

What I learned going through similar experiences: 1. Trying to understand what God wants from you is more important than trying to get what you think you want 2. As long as the family is together, the rest is little stuff 3. The Red Sea does part, but not until the last possible moment

That's almost exactly how I've been feeling. I know something will work out, though its getting rather difficult to see what or how. And we have each other and our happy little troop of kiddos. Beyond that, life is mostly details.

So we're tired. Feeling a bit befuddled, but we're happy. And if there is one thing we've never felt in all this, its alone. Thank you for your love. We have felt it and been sustained by it more than you'll probably ever know.


Becky said...

Hang in there! Matt and I went through similar trials last year and it turned out. Though it didn't turn out in the way that we exactly thought that it would. Have faith, keep your priorities straight and you will be fine.

Kahilau said...

Our prayers continue to be with you and your little ones... After the trial of your faith comes the blessings.