Wednesday, August 29, 2012

OK, a LOT of elbow grease. . .

I didn't take any "before" pictures, so posting "after" ones wouldn't help you to understand just how much I accomplished today.  But suffice to say that I'm pretty sure that the tenants who lived in this house before us never deep cleaned anything, and only rarely cleaned at all.  They were also smokers, so when I say that I cleaned all the walls, I mean lots of black/grey film, and two washcloths so worn out I threw them away by the end of the day.

But I stayed busy all day, so the bathrooms no longer give me that Arlee powwow grounds uneasiness (if you've never been to the Arlee powwow ground bathrooms, substitute "New York subway station bathroom" and you'll understand), and are now looking quaint and charming.  I can't say that they're verging into "cute" yet, but give me a few weeks and some homemaking touches.  The stove was the worst part.  I was pretty sure it was possible to get E. coli just looking at the thing, but now it just looks like a very cool vintage stove (seriously--its pretty neat) and I wouldn't be afraid to eat food that was cooked on it.

I managed to get almost all the boxes to the appropriate rooms all by lonesome this afternoon (I still have about a half a dozen large boxes to take up the stairs, but my knees just didn't want to do anymore today), and this evening Doug and a couple members of the Bishopric are moving the last of the large items--king-size bed, kitchen table and chairs, piano, fridge, washer and dryer--from the storage to the house tonight.  Then we have to assemble beds and shelves and I can start putting away clothes and books and whatnots and have somewhere to put the kids to bed.

My feet, knees and shoulders all sort of hurt a bit, but it was totally worth it for the smokin' move-in deal.

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Sam and Kurtis said...

Oh i totally know what thats like. That is one good thing about living in utah most the homes you get into are smokefree. If the smell comes back try vineagar it seems to get rid of it. and the smell from it goes away i about an hour or so. Well wish i was closer so i could just run up and help ya but as it is i think with the kids and having to sleep somewhere it would probably be more of a hinderence. Love you guys