Monday, August 27, 2012

The Best Silver Lining

In the midst of the moving madness, on my feet and totally crazy all day, Keira brought me a little moment of delight today.  Her high chair sits right next to the fridge, and as I was cleaning her up from her lunch, she spotted Doug in one of the photos on the fridge and started giddily pointing to his picture, exclaiming "Dada! Dada!" as she giggled, clapped and pointed.  She loves her dad so much.

Probably the best thing about the time Doug spent unemployed was that Keira got to have her dad around almost every day for her entire first year.  How many kids get that wonderful blessing?  She adores him, and its apparent in her playful, giggly, flirty demeanor whenever he is around.  She has missed him a lot these last four months, and even though I'm sick to death of all the moving, I'm really glad she's going to get to see him every day again.

The first weekend that Doug came home after taking the job in Anaconda, she punished him all weekend:  glared at him, wouldn't go to him, fussed when he tried to play with her.  But when she figured out that being gone was part of the routine for now, she took to soaking up every minute she could when he was home: running to him with a great big hug as soon as he got home, crawling up into bed with him in the morning and snuggling, initiating little games and just generally trying to secure his attention at any given moment.  And he's happy to oblige her.  I'm grateful that the two of them are so close--they delight each other.

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