Friday, January 25, 2013

Cats in trees

So, my little girls were watching a cartoon while I cleaned this morning, and a cat got stuck in a tree so they called the firemen.  Is this one of the stupidest ideas ever or what?

If someone tied up emergency services to "rescue" a stubborn cat, I'd be really irritated if my house caught on fire.  And what is this nonsense about rescuing treed cats, anyway?  They're cats, for Pete's sake!  I'm pretty sure if a cat won't come down from a tree, its because he's sick to death of being man-handled by the overly-aggressive preschooler in the neighborhood.  But even if he really was stuck, so what?  All summer long, I'm telling my kids, "If you can get yourself up, you can get yourself down."  If they climb themselves up too high and then get worried, that's their problem.  I think this is an important lesson in choices and consequences (though if they are exceptionally high or in a particularly precarious position, I'll stick around til they get to the ground, just in case).  If I'm not gonna call the fire department to help my treed kid, I'm certainly not going to bother them about my cat.  Its a cat, for Pete's sake!

Rant over.


Kaytee Postma said...

Was it my preschooler???

Rebecca Susan said...

LOL. . .nope, meant it as a general statement! I've scarcely known a cat that actually liked kids!