Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mr. Matter-of-fact

Yesterday, I had to pick Dylan up from school about 15 minutes early to go to a dentist appointment, and as we were walking to the car, a little girl ran to the fence at the side of the playground and yelled, "No, Dylan, don't go, don't leave me!"  He turned and yelled, "But I have to go to the dentist!"  I asked him who it was, and he responded, in a rather uninterested tone, "Oh, that's Terrence.  She's in love with me."  Once we got in the car, out of ear shot, he added, "I'm not in love with her at all."  I asked him the name of the girl he had told me was his girlfriend a couple months earlier and he said, rather adamantly, "I don't have a girlfriend".  I reminded him that he'd told me that they dated for a day and she was creepy.  Then he gave me the look that I imagine midwestern farmers get from the FBI when they say they were abducted by aliens, and said, "That wasn't me."

Yes, I'm sure it was some other 7-year-old boy I hang out with.

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Christa said...

your kids say the funniest things. they crack me up.