Thursday, May 15, 2014

Kinder Ready

Yesterday was the Head Start transition day for the kids heading to Kindergarten this fall.
Kylie will be in Mrs. Seymour's class--we're glad for it.
The biggest, nerve-wracking, "what do I do?" issue for most Kindergarteners is lunch.
So, we rode the bus to school, and then they fed them lunch,
and taught them the whole process.
You know, just like in prison.
I jest (sort of).
Kylie, being Kylie, ate all her broccoli, grapes and Jello,
and left her burrito untouched.
Love this girl.

 Because she seems so little to me, 
I sometimes forget that she's one of the bigger/older preschoolers.
She was pretty confident,
and just had a lot easier time reaching everything
than a lot of the other kids.
After lunch, she went to her teacher's classroom,
with the other Head Start kids that will be in her class.
They read a book,
and colored a picture,
and then lined up for recess.
At this point, the teacher had them put a giant,
pretend marshmallow in their mouth
to keep them quiet in the halls.
Kylie thought that was awesome.
And she was really good.

The Dwyer playground is a whole different world
than the Head Start playground.
It was super exciting for all the kids to play out there.

After recess we loaded up on the bus
and headed back to preschool.
After work time, I left to pick up Keira and Dylan
(and take Keilana to a church activity),
and then I took the other two back to Head Start with me
to enjoy their last recess of the day with them.
The sun was shining, most of the kids were in shorts,
and everybody was pretty happy about it.

We're pretty happy that sunshine is here fairly consistently,
at long last.
And Kylie is learning to wink.

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