Friday, June 20, 2014

Papa and Grandma are up for a visit. . .

Doug's dad and step-mom got here this afternoon.
It didn't take the little girls very long
to make themselves comfortable.
They're both big believers in the virtues of cuddling.
Papa was happy to oblige them.

We decided to head just over the hill to Phillipsburg,
where there is a giant candy store
called The Sweet Palace.
It is well named.
The kids each got a bag.
There are 1100 different kinds of candy in the store
(counting all the different flavors
of made-on-location
taffy, fudge and caramels).
I told them each to pick 10. 

Whoever coined the phrase
"Happy as a kid in a candy store"
probably had something like this in mind.

The kids helped Papa and Dad pick out some "grown up" candy.
Truffles.  The good stuff.
I got an orange cream and a lemon cream.
I haven't eaten the orange yet.
The lemon was practically perfect.
The little chunk of rocky road was pretty awesome, too.

Its been quite a good day,
and it sounds like we're off to Great Falls in the morning,
for a visit to the Lewis and Clark interpretive center,
and maybe CM Russell gallery
and Giant Springs.
Lots of visiting.
More tomorrow.

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