Wednesday, June 4, 2014


That's right, we've hit double digits, people!  
This wonderful little girl is 10 today:

Keilana is giggles and jumping,
novel-reading and card-making.
She's a bit of a scrub at heart,
preferring sweats to real pants,
unbrushed hair to fixed hair,
and doesn't mind a bit of dirt so much.
But that's mostly because she loves adventure,
and outside play,
and one must be comfortable for such pursuits,
after all.
She's full of spontaneity and wanderlust,
and when Daddy asks,
"Who wants to go for a drive?"
Keilana is always IN.
She loves the water and is a bit of a fish,
usually having to be dragged out when its time to go.
She loves to be outside,
whether in sunshine or snow.
She came into the world anxious
to see and experience all of it,
seemingly concerned she might miss out on something.
She's a treasure collector,
with little stashes of stuff-and-things
in the drawers of her desk,
the corners of her bed,
the shelves of her clothing,
the cubbies in her locker.
She's tender-hearted, sensitive,
but resilient.
She has a great desire to do good
and isn't afraid to speak up about what's important to her.
She is the oldest child in the family,
and she takes the responsibility seriously,
looking out for her baby sisters,
and helping them with tasks their littler hands struggle with.
She's outgoing and friendly,
with a tremendous love for people
and a desire to please.
She's always scribbling in notebooks
and laughing way too loud.
We wouldn't have her any other way.

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