Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bear with me

Do you ever have one of those days where you just feel like you're done? Just want to pack up and move away and go somewhere new and fresh? Done with relationship tightropes, with misconceptions, over-sensitivity and feeling like you always get it wrong? Done with work hassles, with projects that never seem to end and deadlines that are always too close or too far away? Done with your house and the never-ending list of projects that rarely ever gets started, much less finished? Done with your tattered wardrobe that you're so ready to replace? Done with your little town and its unique and yet all too typical dramas and challenges? Just done? Ready to stop trying and just retreat because it seems like you always end up feeling frustrated and looking stupid/clueless/arrogant/thoughtless/self-righteous/insert-appropriate-adjective-here, even though you know you're very consciously and nearly constantly trying really hard? Just done, done, done and ready to be a hermit or move somewhere far away and not tell anyone where you went?

Sometimes you're having that day, and out of the blue a friend calls you or text messages you. Just wants to hang out. And just that simple act of thoughtful kindness, just taking the kids to the park together and having lunch, reminds you not only of how grateful you are for that friend, but for everyone else in your life. One simple act is sometimes all it takes to remind you why you walk those tightropes, why that's always the right thing to do and ultimately worth it (and why you hope that some day it won't be a tightrope any more). An easy conversation reminds you why that job is so important and why you love it so much. Coming back to your nice, clean house after spending the whole afternoon somewhere else reminds you why you're so grateful to own a home. And passing by some familiar faces on the walk home reminds you that you are lucky and blessed to be a part of your little community, drama and all.

I'd walk any tightrope, work any hours at any job, live in any broken down shack if it means I will always be blessed in return with such marvelous friends.

"I no doubt deserved my enemies, but I don't believe I deserved my friends." ~Walt Whitman

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