Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ahh, Sundays

Changes in the Lindsay ward today. Kindon was released today, y el obispo nuevo es Kirk Ingoldsby. Clayton Lucas and Tim Cregor are his counselors (Danny and Doug stay in their positions as Executive Secretary and Ward Clerk). Pretty good meeting. Sunday School and Relief Society also went pretty well (just love those double lesson 4th Sundays--keep thinking I'll get released from one or the other, but I sort of doubt it).

But the best part of my day was the music. The Sacrament Hymn was "I Stand All Amazed", at which my 5 year old lit up and exclaimed, "Mommy, that's Conner's song", and then sung along. Then the closing hymn was "I Am A Child of God", so my three year old sang the whole thing. All three verses. Correctly.

Ah, melt my heart. . . . .

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