Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I love how Keilana jumps with gleeful abandon into the deep end, belly-flopping with a smile on her face.

I love that it hasn't hit 105 once this summer.

I love that Kylie will charge into any pool or lake she finds, and reacts as though she's won the lottery when you tell her its time for a bath.

I love that Dylan can spend hours making trains and train tracks out of Legos, blocks, trucks, paper, or anything else smallish and squarish.

I love that my husband has so many great ideas and that my thoughts and dreams are bigger because of him.

I love rocking my littlest Wild Thing to sleep.

I love a good piece of fiction.

I love that my oldest child is so very helpful.

I love that my son reminds me so much of the man I love.

I love that my little girls are rough and tumble types who enjoy nothing more than skirts and jewelry and make up--it gives me great hope that they will find balance in their lives.

I love how delicious fresh fruit tastes in the summer.

I love unexpected good fortune.

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