Monday, April 23, 2012

Keilana just threw up.


She was feeling sort of funny ("It feels like I'm getting poked all over") last Monday.

By 2am last Wednesday, she was vomiting.  Repeatedly.

By Wednesday night, she felt OKish.  Definitely not "all better", but better than she had been.

Thursday she went to school, and baseball practice.  By bedtime she was saying her tummy hurt again.  I advised her to get some water, and try to sleep.

Friday she spent the night with a cousin.  By Saturday afternoon, she was feeling icky again and having major diarrhea issues.  Sunday morning after a dose of medicine, she thought she felt well enough to go to Church and made it through all three hours OK.  We went out to Nana's birthday party, where she played, but ate very little and told me that she was feeling a little weird.

This morning she woke me up telling me that her tummy hurt again.  She looked awful.  I told her to lay down on the couch down.  She spent most of the day there, a good chunk of it sleeping.  Around dinner time, I dosed her with two different types of medicine, and she seemed to be doing pretty well.  By 9, she was heading down to tell me that her tummy was worse again.  Sometime between then and 10:15, she puked all over the bathroom floor and then, mercifully, fell asleep.

She's pale and greenish with sunken, dark eyes.  She hasn't had enough food, water, or sleep for a week.  I'm not sure what to do at this point.  Normally, I'd have Doug give her a blessing.

I grew up without the Priesthood in my home, and it was very important to me, in making choices to form my own family, that that authority be present in my home.  Now, I've gotten so used to it that I sometimes take it for granted.  No Daddy here right now to give her a blessing.

One of the most wonderful blessings about living in Lindsay was that there were a half dozen men who I trusted and were comfortable with, whose cell phone numbers were all in my phone.  Any time any one in our home needed a blessing, I'd just send out a quick group text to all of them asking if any one was around/available to lend a hand.  Usually in 15-20 minutes, tops, at least one of them was at our house.

I miss them all.  Kindon, Clint, Jim, Tim, Nathan, Scot, Mark, and all the rest.


Becky said...

Sounds like appendicitis to me. I had the same thing when I was young. I was sick with stomach flu symptoms and went up an down until that darn appendix burn and I turned green and pale and went into the doctor and straight into surgery.

Hopefully not though!

Sam and Kurtis said...

my uncles number is 745-4575 if your still i mission if not dont know. i'd trust him he is technically family too lol. It sounds like appendicitis to me as well. Hope all goes well.

Christa said...

eew, yuck. i hope it's not appendicitis. sounds like you guys have had a real string of yucky health recently. hope everyone gets better and STAYS better soon.