Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Perfect Age

This one is at my favorite stage right now. 

The years between the first and third birthdays are my favorite.

Little toddler bellies and confident-but-still-tiny little feet.

Barely-there pigtails.

And mostly, everything in the world, everything in life,
is still new enough to be so wonderfully exciting,
with exactly zero sense of self-consciousness 
getting in the way of enjoying it all with wild abandon.

We went for a short drive down back roads 
with the windows down today.
When we hit Airport Rd,
and got up to about 45 mph,
the wind from my window was hitting her right in the face.
She giggled with glee 
and made hilarious squinty-eyed, mouth contorting faces
as her tufts of longish hair blew about.



Christa said...

that's my favorite age range too. :) love the picture. she looks like an alien monster, hehe.

Nate and Annah Butterfield said...

Cute picture! That is the perfect age. Henry's moving is working on 3. It's exciting to see him get bigger but sad that he's moving from cute toddler to little boy.

Becky said...

ditto. can't wait to experience it again. babyhood is fine and dandy - but that's the age i really love.