Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Recent Quotables

There was some leftover Easter candy on top of the refrigerator, prompting Kylie to demand, "Mommy! Give me some Reese's Pieces right now!"  When I said sternly, "Kylie, you don't tell me what to do," she responded (with terrible aggravation, I might add), "Yes I do! I tell people what to do!"  (Hey, at least she owns it. . .)

Dylan, who is prone to brain freezes, was sitting at the kitchen table sipping some juice while I made dinner and asked, "So wait, the food goes into our tummies, but the drinks go into our brains?"

Overheard Kylie telling her baby doll, "You can't have my boobies right now! You're getting too big."

(On a related note, Keira is definitely proving to be the most difficult child to wean. . .

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