Thursday, May 24, 2012

Feeling Grateful

Despite my long night the other night, its been a good week.  Doug's been very fortunate at work.  One of the reasons that we took the job in Anaconda, was that the opportunity for advancement was better.  On Tuesday night at the County Commissioners meeting, Doug was officially made the interim Planning Director.  The previous Planning Director is currently the interim CEO and is running in the fall election to serve in that position permanently.  It is likely that after the election Doug's position will become permanent as well.  There are more responsibilities, more accountability involved, but there is also a substantial raise involved, so hopefully it will be worth it.  We still won't be flush with cash by any means, but it does give us a bit of breathing room.  It will challenge him, but I have every confidence that he will rise to the occasion.

I got a physical this week and then took a pack test today for wildland firefighting.  I was convinced I was going to fail the pack test (walk 3 miles--jogging or running is not allowed--in 45 minutes while wearing a 45 pound pack, which is actually a weighted vest).  I'm not sure why I was convinced I was going to do so poorly.  I've been jogging every day for a few weeks;  granted, not very far and not very fast, but I have been consistent.  I was sure my legs would give out on me (I find rapid walking to be way more exhausting for my legs than jogging, especially with an extra 45 pounds to lug).  Turns out the trouble was all in my head:  I finished in 42 minutes, and the second half my legs didn't hurt at all (or, if they did, I had ceased to notice).  I've been trying to adjust so many of my habits lately, and it is starting to pay off little by little.  After 4 kids, I can't get back into shape as quickly as I did at 16 or 18, but I am feeling stronger again, and a little faster each week.  The only thing missing is decent sleep.  Still can't figure that out, what's causing the restless sleep, but I'm working on it.

Anyway, with that out of the way, I can do rookie training now, which I'll get paid for.  I could use a 40-hour week paycheck.  And with any luck I'll get one decent fire that will earn me a big chunk of change.  A 2-week roll would pay off our last non-student loan debt, or buy a new computer and some furniture. Even an 8-day roll would make a huge dent in my financial to-do list.

After two years of ridiculous stress, so many unknowns floating around us, so many emotional ups and downs, and feeling like no matter what we did we just kept digging a deeper and deeper hole, it feels like there is really, truly light at the end of the tunnel.

The list of things we need/want is still pretty long, but it finally feels like, even if it takes a while, it might actually be doable.  For the first time in our marriage, I think, those fun things we'd like to have/do seem like realistic goals instead of pipe dreams.  Heres hoping the inklings we've been getting about the future are correct.

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Christa said...

that pack test sounds difficult. with my super short legs, i find keeping a fast pace walking is very difficult for me too. i'm honestly not sure i could pass that test.