Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day

We made a quick trip to my mom's for Mother's Day.  The kids spent Saturday afternoon playing with a few cousins who happened to be there when we arrived (any time you show up at my mom's house, particularly on a weekend, you have pretty good odds of running into a few cousins), and Sunday after church we had some BBQ and cold cuts and just enjoyed the yard and the sunshine, with kids running through the sprinkler and tromping through the creek. 

I realized that I took exactly one picture both days.  I haven't been great at the whole picture thing the entire last year.  So I have one shot of Aodhan and Kylie playing, and that's it.  Thankfully, my big sister is a talented and very consistent photographer--her camera is always out and usually being used--and she remembered to have somebody get the best Mother's Day picture of all:

A lot of my favorite women and girls are in this photo.  My sister, Christa, is the very pregnant one in the brown shirt.  My other sister, Gwen, is the one in green, my mom is seated in the front, and the matriarch in blue is my Grandma Elda, my dad's mom.  All these little girls belong to my brothers and sisters and me, and they're all great girls.

Suffice it to say that on Mother's Day, I generally feel quite blessed.  As a mom to three girls, I have high hopes for the future, and hope I can be for them many of the wonderful things the ladies in this picture have been for me.  As the youngest of five, with two older sisters, a fantastic mom, amazing grandmothers, and fantastic friends, I was and am well-cared for by the women in my life.  With all these women around, I'm sure my girls will be able to say as much, too.

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