Thursday, May 9, 2013


Country music is blaring from the TV as the younger girls alternate between dancing and enjoying their water-and-animal-crackers tea party.  The older two are laughing and playing football in the living room (Shhhhh. . .don't tell their dad).  Hubby is gone: either didn't know or forgot that he had a meeting tonight, I guess.  They had a Primary Activity after school this afternoon, so I spent an hour with just little Keira Bell (we scored her a practically new pair of Skechers at the thrift store for a buck-fifty, so it was a productive hour) and she was cool with being left behind since it meant that she got to eat a bit of cake.

The table still needs to be cleared of the pot of taco soup and the bags of tortilla chips, but otherwise the house is clean, and the laundry is mostly done.  Its intermittently drizzly outside, and consistently overcast. The moisture the last week or so has been great for the backyard: some of the patches I spent so much time digging out are starting to look like actual, intentional gardens, and more and more irises are looking promising back there.  Kylie made a Mother's Day card for one of her grandmas this afternoon while Keira took a nap.  Everyone's chores and homework are done and we're ready for tomorrow, and then a good weekend.

Its kind of impossible to overstate how grateful I am to be raising my family in the era of electric washing machines, hot, running water, refrigerators and cars.  Because of hundreds of modern conveniences, we have so much more leisure time than nearly any generation in history.  And as long as we're careful not to cave in to the temptation to fill all that time with too many things, it gives us all these little opportunities to just casually enjoy each other's company, to play.  I'm grateful for that.

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