Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kylie is one!

So here's a little info on Kylie. I'm not sure of her exact size at the moment (she has a check up on Tuesday, I'll let y'all know after that), but she's a toddling monster. She walks (and tries to do so very quickly), but has been much more lackadaisacal in her approach to learning to walk than her brother and sister were, so even though she took her first steps more than two months ago, and has been a "real walker" for a month, she still sort of walks like a drunken sailor. She is extremely shy, and so around most people other than Doug and the older kids and I, and in most places other than home, she is very quiet and still--extremely reserved. At home, she is still pretty low key: she isn't a constant babbler the way that Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum were and she's pretty easy-going.

But she is BOSSY lately. She rules the roost around here, and she knows it. She is positive that every toy belongs to her, and is incensed when her brother or sister disagrees (however, she usually gets over it quickly). She already has more control of Ginger than Dylan does. She is pretty content and loves to wrestle with Dylan and have pillow fights with Daddy. It is very important to her to keep up with Keilana and Dylan--she wants to be part of the crowd and tries very hard to be involved in what they're doing most of the time. She's a cuddler, already giving very good hugs and the occasional kiss. She's still very attached and cries a lot of the time I'm gone when I leave her, but she is making progress. Her favorite toys are Dylan's large cars (she kneels, holds onto Lightning McQueen with both hands and drives him around the livingroom) and anything that makes noise when you shake it. She loves laughing and is quick to join in when anyone else is laughing, even though she usually has no idea why. Her only word so far is "Wow", but she uses it a lot since she finds the world endlessly fascinating. She waves "bye bye" and signs "all done", but that's all (we're still working on the signs for "please" and "thank you"--I haven't been as consistent with her as I was with the others). She's growing up quick!

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Callie said...

You look amazing! It isn't often we get to have pictures of you on the blog! :) I'm pretty sure that train is the coolest thing ever!!! Where did you get it? Kaden is really into trains these days and I think he would LOVE one! :)