Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nearly unprecedented

Just finished making some snickerdoodles. Tried doubling the recipe--they're OK, but didn't come out as well as last time. Got the patio cleaned up and feel happy every time I see the pretty wreath on my front door (then a little sad when I see the stockings hanging up the stairway banister and remember I still don't have one for Kylie).

Anyway, almost done with my must-absolutely-get-done-today tasks. Keilana just left for a tea party, that makes it easier. Especially since Kylie's down for an afternoon nap. Where was I going with this?

Oh yeah. We're having the missionaries over for dinner tonight. We're horrible about feeding the missionaries--partly because they usually send the calendar around in RS and I never know when Doug's going to be home at 5 and when he's going to be home at 10, or somewhere in between, so I always mean to ask him and then forget. He signed us up this month. Its about time.

So we'll welcome them into our Christmas bedecked home (there are construction paper decorations everywhere--you've got to love little folk helping with the decorating), and then tomorrow night a friend from the ward is coming over in the evening to discuss some business stuff. Then Saturday Mimi and Papa are gonna come over and have some birthday cake with us (Kylie will be one!)

We so seldom invite people to our house, three times in one week seems almost bizarre. Don't get me wrong, we like people, its just that we are so bad at taking the initiative to plan ahead and invite people over. We'll have to work on that. My kids are such social creatures that they probably wonder why they got sent to somebody as lazy as me. *Sigh*

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Callie said...

I can't even believe Kylie is going to be one already! When did that happen? These kids grow up much too fast!