Friday, January 15, 2010

Good news of the week

This is my new Friday ritual, because I just decided right now that it should be.

Yesterday morning I went to the dentist (that's not my good news, though that's pretty good news, too. No more temporary fillings covering precious, precious root canals). That means that Kylie and Dylan went to auntie Amanda's house for a couple of hours. Kylie did her usual no-holds-barred screaming, pathetic cry as I left. But she stopped. For the better part of two hours she was content and played happily knowing I was gone. Major progress, people.

Need I remind you that this was the baby who cried when I handed her to a stranger at 2 months old? The kid who cried pretty much the whole time I was gone at 3 months old? The child that has been only willing to be cared for by myself or her daddy and none else?

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