Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A little advice

to all the teenagers, young adults and preteens out there:

skinny jeans look good on almost no one.
no one.

If you are male or even 3 pounds overweight, you can be guaranteed they look horrendous on you. So don't try. Its just not good. Please, for the sake of my retinas, let go of this ridiculous trend. And the saggy pants thing, while we're at it. I mean, come on, if you're a guy it must be uncomfortable to have those low riders sitting where they do, let's be honest. And every time I see one of you dressed like that I want to stop and pull your pants down. I refrain because I assume since you are intentionally showing the whole world most of your boxers, you wouldn't care anyway.

On the other hand, walking home in the cold, misty fog after a 35 minute run, just sweaty enough to make that fog bite a little bit, but still hot enough that that bite feels fantastically refreshing--while listening to a favorite song--makes the world seem like a pretty perfect place. Even if it is filled with foolish teenager wearing skinny jeans and baggy pants. What's wrong with clothes that actually fit?

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