Thursday, January 14, 2010

Idea? Anyone?

My sis-in-law and I are planning a baby shower for my other sis-in-law, who is having identical twin boys. Just looking for any thoughts on decorations, games, favors, food, etc., that I haven't already seen/done 9,867 times (and if goes well with a twin theme, so much the better). Send bright ideas my way via comment/Facebook/emails. Please!!


Sam and Kurtis said...

Really quick before i go to kyler's hair cut i'll give a few and maybe send you and email later.

diaper cake really easy to make and they will for sure need the diapers. take the wrappers of babyfood and have people try to guess which ones they are. but a little baby or some other shape in a ice cube tray and make ice cubes than the first one to get it out during the party gets a prize without breaking it have to do it with a napkin or fingers. of course the candy in the diaper game. Have to identify the candy in the diaper thats melted.

Christa said...

found this on a site...seems funny.

Baby's First Portrait Baby Shower Game
Each guest receives a paper plate and a crayon. Placing the plate atop their heads, each guest must draw a "baby". When all guests are done, vote for the best picture.

Christa said...

the first one on this page (Word Duos) could be good.