Thursday, January 21, 2010

Por mi madre

We made cinnamon rolls today (and some stew--between the baking bread, the smell of stew and the cozy, warm, clean house and the torrents of rain outside, I'm just about ready for hibernation).

I grew up thinking I loved cinnamon rolls. As I got older and started trying other people's cinnamon rolls and store bought cinnamon rolls, I discovered it was actually that I liked my mom's cinnamon rolls. This is one of the things she baked fairly regularly, and it seemed to frequently be raining when she did, so as we were growing up the joke became, "Hey, mom, its raining. Are you going to make cinnamon rolls today?" Most cinnamon rolls are far, far too sweet for me. Too sweet and sticky and gooey and soggy. So if you're a Cinnabon fan, these aren't your thing (and Cinnabon is not mine!). But if you like bread first and foremost, with a little sugar and cinnamon to give it a little sweet and a little flavor, these are right up your alley. I love them. Nothing fancy, just some good old fashioned roll dough and a bit of brown sugar, butter and cinnamon. Comfort food.

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Sam and Kurtis said...

mmmmmm sounds so good. I keep thinking i need to make bread but have been sick this week so haven't really made anything all week. i don't really like cinnamon rolls so i probably would like those ones. I've never had them at your parents house. Anyway glad your making the best of the rain.