Thursday, April 22, 2010

Keilana the Bilingual Reader

Keilana brought home two new books today. One was a Q1 First Grade reader, which she totally breezed through. The other was a Q2 Second Grade reader, for which she only had to slow down on four or five words. Her nightly homework is to read for 10 minutes, so I have her read me two English books and then two Spanish ones (technically, she's supposed to write five words five times every night, but she enjoys writing so much and does it on a daily basis anyway, so I never make her do that). Her Spanish reading is right on par with her grade level, right about where you would expect a typical native Spanish speaker to be at the end of Kindergarten. Her verbal Spanish has now way outpaced mine (with the exception being at Church, since my "Gospel vocabulary" is much bigger than hers--glad I'm getting something out of teaching RS that fourth Sunday every month!) After Church last Sunday, she was writing word problems (yes, writing herself math problems). In Spanish. For fun.

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...Laura... said...

That's impressive! What a smarty pants. She must take after her mother ;)