Thursday, April 15, 2010


She's terribly shy around anyone other than Doug, Keilana, Dylan and myself.
She's pretty laid back, low-key and easily contented--usually.
She loves dresses, skirts and tutus.
When she's not being shy, she's usually being bossy.
She slaps her hand against her leg and glares when you tell her "no"
She is such a Mama's girl.
She's convinced that she's got her daddy completely wrapped around her little finger.
She's not terribly far off in that conviction.
She loves shoes. But girly shoes. If I put her brown sneakers on her and she comes across something pink, purple, or sparkly, she will insist I switch the shoes and glare if I don't.
She is very affectionate. She loves to hug, cuddle and kiss, or just sit quietly in someone's lap.
She's a tease--frequently offering things to people and then taking them away at the last second and giggling.
She loves other people her size. She gets excited when other toddlers come to our house and follows them around, trying to hug and kiss them.
She is obsessed with babies. She's often carrying a baby doll around and insists on holding real babies whenever she finds any.
She is extraordinarily expressive for a young child, but in very, very subtle ways.
There is usually a tiny glint of mischief in her smile.
She's sweet. If someone is upset, she generally tries to hug and kiss them better.
She's a fish. I frequently find her trying to climb into the tub during the day. She thinks that fountains are swimming pools and gets very frustrated when she's not allowed to get in them. If there's water within 25 yards of her, she'll find it.
She sleeps. The night she was born, she and I both slept for six hours straight. She slept a lot as an infant and took two 2-hour naps a day until about her first birthday. I was up in the middle of the night maybe 4 times her entire first year. She still takes a 2 1/2-3 hour nap almost every day and sleeps for about 12 hours every night. Its amazing.
She wouldn't know what to do without her brother and sister. She's a "Me-too" through and through. Fortunately, they both love her, are patient with her and include her in their games, even though that's often hard to do because she's so much younger.
She's spoiled.
We adore her.

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