Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Say "hello" to my little friends

These two have actually been playing together the whole time and rather enjoying it. Tomorrow we add Claire. Maybe I can get a shot of all three little ladies together.
The kids kept telling me this was a jungle. With all the little sections of bushes, it did make a pretty good little-person maze.
It was tough to break them away from the fountain. It was pretty bright and sunshiney.

Hills must be rolled down, of course. Dylan was showing Keith the ropes.
This little one is pretty cool. I can see how she's going to be her mama's sanity saver. The middle child and only girl, she's pretty mellow and happy and she's a great sharer. (At least that's how she's been around here!)

The girls were pretty excited about the flowers--these two mostly stuck to the leaves. I was informed that this was because they were making soup.

They're doing great, Christa. Keifers will probably call you tonight at bedtime. He was a little sad last night, but he recovered pretty fast.

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