Monday, June 7, 2010

Everybody hurts. . . sometimes

I hurt, everywhere. I seem to have been hit pretty hard by some kind of bug. Every muscle in my body is sore and achy (trust me, every one--I took a cadaver anatomy class in college and have already identified two muscles today that I didn't know I had until they started hurting), I have a head ache, my lungs are oh-so-painful and uncooperative, my throat is so sore that all I've eaten today has been two popsicles and a string cheese, and I slept in clear 'til 8 and then took an hour nap while my kidlets played on the computer and I'm still tired. I am most annoyed. There were a lot of things I wanted to get done today.

Suddenly I find myself wishing for cold weather so that the thought of eating soup for dinner was tolerable. And, most of all, I find myself pining for a big, old clawfoot tub in which to soak.

Last night at 10 o'clock, I felt fine.


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