Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pediatrician Visit

So I took Kylie in for a well-baby check up today and discovered that she has an excellent memory for faces (this shouldn't surprise me, given her history). She was happy and talkative on the ride there, as we checked in and while we played in the waiting room. She read some books and played and chatted with her brother and sister. The nurse came out and called her name, and she happily crawled down from her chair and started heading to the door, realizing it was her turn. Then she saw the nurse. It was the same nurse she had last time, the same nurse who gave her five shots.

From that moment on, she was pretty much impossible. When we took her back to the scale and told her to stand on it so she could be weighed, she tried to either sit down or back off of it--while glaring, of course. She didn't want to stand against the wall for her height, standing sideways and fidgeting, and glaring. We went into the examine room and when the nurse dared to try to affectionately touch her, she let out an angry fake cry and glared. Then the doctor came in. Poor Dr. Resa--he loves the littlest people the most and she's never been a big fan (we all know how she feels about people who aren't me or daddy), but today all he got was a series of angry fake cries and glares.

Then the nurse came back in--with a tray full of needles. Kylie pointed frantically to her dress and shoes, clearly ready to go. When I tried to lay her down, she stuck her elbows behind her, fighting to stay upright. Finally I got her pinned (she's a strong little monster) and the nurse quickly gave her two shots in each leg. She continued her angry fake-crying throughout (not terribly loud, nothing shrieky) and jolted her head subtly each time a needle went in. Then the nurse left, we put on her dress and she was perfectly alright. You'd never know the child got any immunizations today. But my goodness is she stubborn!!

She is 31.5 inches tall and weighs 30 pounds, so she is in the 50th percentile and above the 95th, respectively, for her age. Lets hope that those relative proportions don't continue into adolescence.


...Laura... said...

Wow! I had no idea an 18 month old would remember that much! What a smart little girl... sounds like she took it pretty well though, considering she knew what was coming!

Callie said...

Poor thing! I have to say, it is kind of nice not being able to get the shots done at the peds. We have to walk to the next building over to the immunizations clinic. It can be a pain toting kids from one place to another, but at least the kids don't associate the doctor visit with shots per say.