Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I really, really like this kid:
I know, its pretty obvious, right? But seriously, she makes me laugh and laugh
and laugh.
She's very happy, very playful
(my apologies to those who have only seen
the buddha face
or the scowl.
Very, very slowly, the shyness is getting less severe).
She's a tease
a cheeseball
and when she's around people she knows well
she's a ham.
She's just always giggling about something.

By the way,
this is what I grabbed my phone to snap pictures of:
They love to watch their daddy work.
And isn't working more fun
when you have an audience?
They like to interrupt me when I'm working,
but they don't so much care for watching.
But I guess it is more fun to watch
someone operate power tools
than to watch someone type
or scrub a broiler pan
or knit.
Yes, daddy's projects are a bit more visually interesting than mine.
But mostly they just like having him around
and spending time with the big guy.
They like being a part of his world.
And he sure likes having them as part of his.

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