Saturday, June 19, 2010

Love this kid!

Keilana has to give a talk tomorrow in Primary. When we sat down to write it this evening, I asked her what she wanted to talk about. "Jesus Christ," was her reply. "What about Him?" I asked. "How He was nice to everyone."

With very, very little guidance from me (seriously, it was almost all her--I just helped her shape it into a paragraph), this is what she came up with, sentence by sentence, to share with her Primary:

"Jesus Christ was nice to everyone. He said that the most important commandment was to love Heavenly Father and the next most important commandment was to love our neighbor as ourself [not a bad summarization of a scripture just read to her--pretty darned good for a 6-year-old, actually!]. That means we should treat everyone how we want to be treated, so if we meet someone new, we have to be nice to them. Jesus taught the people that no one else would talk to because He loved them. Even if someone speaks a different language, He wants us to love them and teach them because He knows their language and He loves them. Everyone is our brother or sister and Jesus Christ loves them no matter what."

This tells you something about the little girl I got lucky enough to get, and what's important in her life right now.

Of course, earlier in the evening she also squished a bug and then told said creepy crawly, "See you on the flip side!"

So existential, that one.

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