Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Yesterday was the first day of school in Lindsay!! Everybody was very excited and ready to go (no one more than Mommy, after a very long Monday with the kidiots). So after a Monday night blessing from Daddy and Tuesday morning oatmeal and bran flakes, we headed out the door.
Keilana is in first grade this year. She was a little bummed that none of her close buddies from Church/Mom and Dad's social circle are in her class this year, but she knew quite a few of the kids, so it was OK. She told me she had a really good day, practicing writing and making a new book, "Que?" Her teacher sent home a little handout and she asked me what it said. I replied that I wasn't sure, since I was only getting parts of it because I don't know enough Spanish. "Let me help you," she said, and crawled up to the counter and proceeded to translate it successfully, sentence by sentence for me. I'm more grateful all the time that we decided on dual immersion. My little social butterfly was definitely ready to get back to spending six hours a day with other kids.
Dylan started preschool. I wasn't sure I was going to send him to preschool (I only get them for 5 years before they're off to school everyday, after all), but he started asking halfway through the year last year when he got to go to school and really wanted to go. Though they didn't tell me this when I signed him up (have I mentioned that our school system is not great at the whole communicating with parents thing?), he was put in the special needs class. One of the preschool classrooms is set aside for kids who fall under the ADA/Special Ed umbrella and then once they have those kids covered, they fill the rest of the class up with "normal" kids, for much-needed socialization in both directions. We laughed when the teacher told us it was the Special Needs classroom, and she looked at us quizzically. We explained that while he's very bright, that seemed somehow appropriate for our "unique" little guy. Based on our brief conversation yesterday, I think I'm really, really going to like his teacher. And since its a special needs class, its very small--about 10 or 12 kids. And Dylan was very excited that Lulu is in his class!! Miles is, too, so he has some good buddies with him.

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