Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sneaking chocolate can be dangerous

This morning I was upstairs at the computer working on my lesson for Relief Society, when my toddler started to cry--and not an angry, get-this-sibling out of my face cry or an irritated I-can't-reach-what-I-want cry. It was that sad, loud, it-really-really-hurts cry. So I went to investigate. I found my crying toddler laying on the floor between the kitchen and the livingroom with her face and shirt covered in Nutella. I turned to examine the cupboard where said Nutella had been hiding, and saw that my white microwave and medium-oak stained cupboards were also covered in Nutella. The outside of the Nutella jar was covered in Nutella--but the lid was on, straight and secure. As frustrated as I was about her nasty bruise and 2 hours of misery (thank goodness it finally occurred to me to give her some Tylenol--she was up all night, so my brain wasn't processing quickly), I was also impressed that before she fell trying to get down from the counter, she managed to open the chocolate by herself and get the lid back on when she was done. Quite crafty for being under 2. If she can learn to keep herself clean and avoid falls, she could be dangerous.

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Nate and Annah Butterfield said...

Mmm! Nutella! Smart girl you have there.