Monday, October 2, 2017

Know Thyself

The school year is off to a pretty good start for the kids. Keilana has been pretty busy with National Junior Honor Society, and came home today talking about needing to see ad space in the programs they sell at high school games; Dylan is on student council (yay!); and Kylie announced when she got home today that she has been chosen as one of the editors of their little newspaper.  Then this conversation happened at the table while the girls had an after school snack:

Keilana: "Did you pick editor as the job you wanted?" Kylie nodded. "I'm surprised, I would've thought you'd want to do photographer or interviewer or the puzzle page."

Kylie (with more than a little satisfaction): "I want to be in charge."

I'll give the girl this: she knows herself. But I wouldn't mind having her for a boss.