Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ah, lucky me

We're picking my mom up from the airport soon (yay!) and tomorrow morning we're headed to the beach. Keilana wanted to take a swimsuit in case she decides to get in, but she's way outgrown her suit from last year and we hadn't bought a new one yet. Enter Amanda. I love hand-me-downs! She had two of Taylor's old swimsuits in great condition for Keilana to take home (in addition to several pairs of shorts, capris, pants and skirts--her summer wardrobe is complete).

We were having headaches with car rental companies this morning trying to get a car big enough for all of us to ride together in to the coast, so Christa and Paul agreed to let us take their Suburban for the day, even though it means that they can't fit their whole family into one vehicle.

How can you not love in-laws like that? They rock!

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