Friday, March 19, 2010


This little lady:
Always picks out her own clothes. She believes that every challenge can be won and every obstacle overcome, and she loves facing fears and getting stronger and braver. She seems to think that life has hurdles only to add more jumping--and she loves jumping! She has her moments--intense, insane, emotional moments--but on her better days, she's like living with bottled sunshine. She believes that grass is for bare-foot running, sunshine is for dancing and cameras are for posing.
She's all girl. She loves to get dirty (to climb trees, make sandcastles, catch bugs and tromp through the water), just like any kid, but she prefers dresses to jeans and people to things. She's a social butterfly, always at her happiest when she's surrounded by people to talk to, dance with, play and laugh with. There's so much personality to fit into such a little body, that sometimes a squeal just slips out almost unintentionally. She loves to talk and will just yak, yak, yak at you as long as you let her. If you take the time to verbally walk her through what you want or expect of her, you'll almost never get any opposition. She wants to be your friend, and she wants to see you smile. She LOVES babies, and she is one of the best big sisters around.
She thinks her little brother is pretty fun most of the time, and that her baby sister is the coolest thing since Oreos. She loves to make her sister laugh and loves to play tag and go hill rolling with her brother. Kylie is a pretty big fan of Keilana, too. Its nice to have someone that looks a bit like you, who'll give you a hand when you need it and always loves you, even when you're cranky and even though you smell funny sometimes. Our little Keila Bug. Or, as she would correct me, Princess Keila Bug. We love our little royal.


Nate and Annah Butterfield said...

I really love that last picture! What a good big sister!

a1bux said...

Lovely picture we love that picture keep on update blog.