Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kylie's first day

So now that school has started, Kylie won't have her big sister around to entertain her. I think that this means she'll be getting into mischief a bit more often. Keilana wanted watermelon for an after-school snack, so I was cutting up a giant melon and had to turn my back for a minute to rinse something off in the sink. While my back was turned, Kylie helped herself to a big piece of watermelon that I hadn't chopped up yet.
And she ate the whole thing. That's how she rolls.

She's a builder. She loves blocks, giant Legos, etc, etc., and frequently proudly shows me her creations. But apparently when I'm doing dishes and there are no Legos in sight, stacking paper towel rolls and Ziploc containers will do:
Oh, toddlers. They're my favorite. This age is when I could just eat them up for all their scrumptiousness, and find myself constantly laughing at their antics and discoveries.

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Christa said...

"And she ate the whole thing. That's how she rolls."

No, that's WHY she rolls. hah, ah, i jest, i jest! ;)