Sunday, November 28, 2010

My people

So, since most of the people I see on a daily/weekly basis don't know my family, I get asked a lot of questions about them, or am asked to describe them. I think maybe I'll just start whipping out pictures like this:
"Yeah, they're pretty cool folk. Hardy. They like war games in the woods. In the snow. With their scraggly facial hair and fatigues."

This is actually a shot my sister got her son's 13th (13th?!) birthday party--they all went paintballin'. And, let's face it, in Montana there's just a whole lot of woods and snow to be had, right out the front door. Some days it makes me sad that my kids are missing out on all that great militia training and cold-weather hardiness.

(And click on the link and read my sister's blog about her son. I love that kid. And its nice to know [since I've been gone for more than half his life now] that he's still essentially the same kid he was at 5. Because that kid is awesome).

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Christa said...

I tell you, start putting those kids on a planes for individual visits! It's just going to get more complicated to get you all here as there become more of you and your kids get older and start having their own lives and schedules.

During this outing our adults made quite an impression on the gang of middle school boys...Eldon was just "the man in the sweater" darting throughout the woods for the first part of the day and Dev was very elusive and slightly legendary...none of them ever shot him.