Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I'd really like a break. I haven't done anything without my kids in two months, and very little without them in the six months before that. Just as importantly, I haven't left Tulare County at all in four months. I'd like to go on a date and get out of here for. . .somewhere. I was telling Doug the other day that all of a sudden I keep thinking of all these places I wanted to go: Monterey, camping, Montana, Sacramento, Disneyland, Cayucos, etc, and I finally realized that it was because I hadn't been farther away than Fresno since October (and not even that far away since January). That doesn't seem like a very long time, and normally it's not, but given the six months I've had, it feels like a long time to be stuck here.

Hopefully now that I've identified what's eating at me, I can adjust my attitude. Because it's likely going to be at least another month before I get out on a date, let alone get out of the area. And with gas at $4.20/gallon, I likely won't be going very far after that! So remember me when you have playdates, or I may just go further into hermit mode and lose my mind entirely ;)

On a positive note, we got our garden put together finally! So hopefully in a month or so we'll be picking our own peppers and tomatoes (and hopefully we'll add more spices to our lonely little basil plant and get some onions and radishes in there, too). So if you've been wondering what to get me for my birthday (and I know you all plan your whole summer around that), potted flowers to color up my patio would be good. I'm sssooo excited to finally have pretty, usuable outdoor space!

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Christa said...

i've been feeling like that a lot recently. especially with all the driving to tulare and things going on every saturday. i need a break! i need to go somewhere further than lindsay! a trip to the beach or mountains or something would be super fantastic. i wish at least i'd gotten something done to show for it, but my house looks the same. at least it's almost camping season, right?