Monday, October 24, 2011


So I was standing in the bathroom with Kylie while she did her thing, and the following monologue ensued, while a longish zip tie served as her prop.

"Mommy, my daddy died."

I shook my head with a confused look on my face.

"No, Mom, I'm pretending my dad died.
But he's going to come back to life.
[She holds the zip tie up, fashioned into a rough oval shape.]
I'm going to bring him back to life with this.
But Dylan is my dad.
Yeah, Dylan is the dad
and Keilana is the mom
and I am the son.
I am the good son.
But I am not a boy.
I am Michelle.
I am going to be a turtle.
But I'm not a turtle,
I'm just Michelle,
I'm the daughter.
Keira, you are the boy, you are going to be the son
you can't be a turtle,
you are too big to be a turtle.
Mom, I'm going to walk to my house,
yeah, I'm going to walk to the house because I'm the son.
Ok, Mommy, lets go walk to your house."

Up she jumped and scampered off in her pigeon-toed, drunken sailor run.

She really doesn't need anyone to have a conversation with, she just sort of talks and talks and talks regardless of whether or not anyone actually responds.

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